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20mm ShockWave Impact Duty Long Series Wood Auger Bit


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Miwaukee accessory code number : 48136760
Genuine Milwaukee accessories.

Pack of 1 auger bit

  • Suitable for use with all types of corded / cordless drills including impact wrenches.
  • Drilling with an impact wrench enables drilling holes with less effort, one hand drilling, drilling up a ladder and above head height with less risk of injury from the tool clutching out.
  • Special zone hardening process ensures an extra hard shank, durable tip and perfectly flexible bit body.
  • New Milwaukee® Through-Center head geometry with the lead cutting edge lines up with the center of the feed screw - this ensures efficient chip removal and allows for continuous feeding.
  • 20° rake angle of the lead cutting edge creates a path for easy chip ejection.
  • Polished and powder coated flute design produces a non-stick surface for increased chip ejection, reduced chip clogging and higher selfeeding capability.
  • Milling marks are removed in the finishing process, creating a smooth surface.
  • Lewis flute with large, wide throat design for rapid chip removal.
  • Sharp ground cutting lips for smooth clean holes.
  • Resharpenable cutting lips.
  • With 7/16" shank (to fit square drive 1/2" impact wrenches the adaptor 48660061 is required - not supplied).
  • Suitable for hard & soft wood, wet & treated wood, plywood, chipboard, WPC (wood plastic composite), laminated beams and panels, exotic and hard woods e.g. bongossi, iroko, teak, beech, oak, etc.
  • Specification

    Diameter : 20 mm
    Pack quantity : 1
    Shank reception : 7/16" hex
    Total length : 460 mm
    Working length : 395 mm